Open Elections

The Open Elections is a project aimed at opening all electoral results in Czech republic, former Czechoslovakia and other countries on the lowest level of geographic aggregation in downloadable, structured, standardized and machine readable datasets.

otevřené volby

  • 1,3 GB of structured data

  • All Czechoslovak and Czech elections since 1990

  • The lowest level of aggregation

Complete datasets

The project website currently contains results of all elections in the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia since 1990 on all levels of aggregation, the lowest being the electoral districts (more than 14,000 territorial units). This includes data on preferential votes for individual candidates as well.

Open and standardized data

The aim of the project is to overcome imperfections of the official electoral website of the Czech Statistical Office which published electoral results without the bulk-download option. The Office charges fees for using the results and has only recently started to release raw datasets. Their data is not standardized and is being published in unsatisfactory formats.

Our plans for the future

  • Include electoral results from other countries, particularly in Central Europe

  • Develop a single database. This will allow users to e.g. export results of multiple elections in a specific territory in a single dataset

  • Visualize electoral results via interactive maps