Volební kalkulačka

Volební kalkulačka (Election Calculator)

The Election Calculator is a voting advice application, an internet application which helps to decide who to vote for. It shows how closely political parties or candidates math political views of its user.

napište jim

Napište jim (Write to Them)

The Write to Them is an internet application simplifying communication of citizens with their elected representatives. It is inspired by a succesful British project Write to Them created by MySociety.


Budování státu (Open Spending)

The Open Spending is a Czech version of the British Open Spending created by the Open Knowledge Foundation. has been developing it in cooperation with the Naši politici organization. It opens, visualizes and analyzes data of the Czech state budget.

otevřené volby

Otevřené volby (Open Elections)

The Open Elections is a website that opens up the results of all types of elections in Czech republic and former Czechoslovakia on the smallest administrative level and make them availabe for download in structured and machine readable formats. 1,3 GB of data completely free.

Internship program for university students offers internships for university students. By working on our projects, interns gain new skills, knowledge and experience. The internship is primarily suitable for students of social sciences, law and information technology.

API access to database offers a free API (application programming interface) access to its parliamentary, electoral and other politics-related databases. Thanks to this, our data can be easily used by other developers to create their own applications.