Project: Expanding Access to Popular Voting Advice Applications through Visegrad into Western Balkan

Project: Expanding Access to Popular Voting Advice Applications through Visegrad into Western Balkan

Expanding Access to Popular Voting Advice Applications through Visegrad into Western Balkan is a project designed to address critical issues in voter engagement and democratic participation within transitioning political systems in Central and Eastern Europe. The initiative focuses on countering low voter turnout, especially among youth, and combating misinformation by leveraging non-partisan voter advice applications (VAAs) to foster informed, issue-based voting.

Project Relevance and Context

Voter turnout in recent elections across our target geographies has hovered around or below 50%, with young and first-time voters particularly disengaged. The rise of personality-driven populist campaigns, coupled with the proliferation of misinformation and propaganda, poses significant threats to stable democracies. This environment discourages issue-based participation, further eroding democratic values. Research indicates that VAAs can effectively engage young voters by aligning their policy positions with those of the candidates, thus promoting more informed voting choices.

Proposed Solutions and Contributions

Our project aims to counter these challenges by expanding the use of VAAs, which have shown to significantly increase voter turnout and policy alignment awareness. By transforming party manifestos into user-friendly policy quizzes, VAAs empower voters to make informed decisions based on substantive issues rather than tribal identities. The project plans to reach a combined target of one million users in the Western Balkans and Visegrád countries through strategic partnerships with media outlets and grassroots promotion. Sustained engagement through these tools will enhance media literacy and mitigate the effects of disinformation.

Innovation and Unique Value

What sets this project apart is its introduction of VAAs to underrepresented democracies such as Albania and Kosovo, leveraging experience from similar initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The detailed methodology and extensive experience of, which has been refined over 15 years, ensure accurate user-to-party alignment and substantial reach. Additionally, by directly involving political parties in the questionnaire formulation, we foster a commitment to genuine policy discussions over populist rhetoric. This comprehensive approach promises to rejuvenate democratic participation across multiple elections.

Regional Relevance

The project’s regional relevance is underscored by its alignment with EU strategic priorities to counter external influence and protect democratic integrity. Implementing VAAs across diverse political landscapes within the Visegrád nations and the Western Balkans will provide adaptable tools fortified against regional disinformation networks. This initiative not only supports emerging democracies in the Western Balkans as they progress towards EU accession but also strengthens the civic participation foundation essential for mature electorates in Central Europe.

Organizational Expertise

The project is backed by the extensive experience of, a leading developer of VAAs in Europe, and its partners. With a track record of creating tools for over 100 elections across six nations,’s platforms have achieved significant voter engagement, evidenced by a reach of over 40% in recent Czech elections. Collaborating with Memo 98, known for its successful youth turnout initiatives in Slovakia, and K-Monitor’s adaptability in challenging political environments, our partnership brings a robust blend of technical and grassroots expertise to ensure the project’s success.

Project partners – Czechia
Memo 98 – Slovakia
K-monitor – Hungary
Open Data Kosovo – Kosovo
Zašto ne? – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Faktoje – Albania
Metamorphosis – North Macedonia

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